Care for the elderly in Northumberland.

As the ever-changing situation with the COVID-19 Coronavirus develops, we have been monitoring this on a daily basis and implementing the Government’s recommendations and Public Health (PHE) advice. As you are aware like many other care home providers, we have been implementing a number of infection control steps to avoid and outbreak within Charlotte Straker House. The health and safety of both our residents and staff is our main priority.

We have taken the threat of Covid-19 seriously from the onset and have worked hard to put measures in place to limit exposure to the threat. We are asking that you follow our instructions during the difficult time. The situation is changing daily therefore we ask that you also check the latest information with the CS office before your visit.


As of 1st July 2020, families of residents can arrange visits to residents at Charlotte Straker House.

  • Visits to be 30 minutes, between 11-12 and 14.00-16.00 Monday to Friday, and 11-12 and 14-15 Saturday and Sunday.
  • This allows time for cleaning following the visit.

Once the visit is organised, please could visitors:

  • Wash hands at the handwash station in the summer house, directly opposite the front door of Charlotte Straker House.
  • Ring the doorbell
  • When the doorbell is answered, please follow all directions from staff members and signage.
  • An allocated carer will be at the door to greet them.

During the visit:

  • During the visit, there will be a plastic screen for protection and no direct contact. A call bell will be provided.
  • Visitors will be provided with a mask and apron and shown how to dispose of them after the visit.
  • Any gifts will be cleaned (on the outside) with disinfectant wipes.
  • Refreshments can be ordered and all crockery and cutlery will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • The allocated member of staff will return at the end of the visiting time – 30 minutes.
  • The visitor will be shown out after they have removed their mask, apron and disposal of these in the bin outside the door.

Following each visit

  • Following each visit, the surrounding area will need to be cleaned as per guidelines as a precaution.
  • Each cleaning session will take 30 minutes.

Our intention is to follow public health advice to determine when visits will return to normal, which means that as things currently stand, our initial estimate is that these restrictions may be in place for up to 12 weeks.

We ask for your support in complying with this decision to keep our residents and staff safe.

We will continue to do our best to support residents to keep in touch with loved ones via other methods, such as phone and video calls, letters or emails in the short term.

Thank you

Berenice Groves, Chair of the Trustees


The summerhouse has been set up with hand washing facilities to be used by all staff and visitors prior to entering Charlotte Straker House.  A mobile sink, soap, alcohol gel, barrier cream, hand towels and bin has been provided.

We have placed a pavement notice board with instructions outside our front door with the following information.

  • Avoid entering the building if you feel unwell or have cold, cough and/or flu symptoms
  • Before entering the building – go to the summerhouse to wash hands thoroughly
  • Leave outdoor coats in the summerhouse and collect on leaving the building

We have cancelled all external day trip/outings and instead organized more in-house activities with volunteer help. Until further notice we have suspended arrangements for larger events including residents’ birthday parties and other celebrations.  We are reviewing the situation on a daily basis and will update you about any changes.

Please contact the Registered Manager on 01434 633 999 if you would like to discuss any matter in relation to the precautions we are putting in place.

If you wish to speak to your relative but have fallen ill yourself we can arrange alternative communications so that you can stay in touch. This can be arranged through the office.