Care for the elderly in Northumberland.

 A Message from the Chair of our Trustees

Our preparations in the face of the highly infectious Covid-19 virus have been a challenge; nevertheless we have developed full procedures and plans for the Isolation Unit.

The four roomed Unit is currently used to quarantine any resident who is unwell, returning from a hospital stay or being admitted directly from their own home.

This arrangement has proved very effective so far, as we have had no cases of Covid-19 infection within the home and recent testing of our residents in early June was  reassuringly negative.

The Isolation Unit has been operational since late March and we will continue using it until the threat of Covid-19 infection has passed. The charity is paying to set aside the rooms for the new unit; this cost is considerable as the Board of Trustees has agreed to sacrifice the income from these rooms designated for this crucial purpose.

We would be very grateful for your support to help fund our Isolation Unit.

Thank you.

Berenice Groves

Chair of the Trustees

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Why do we need an Isolation Unit?

We know from the experience of other care homes that the key to the prevention of spread of infection is to effectively isolate residents. Since the beginning of March 2020 Trustees and staff of Charlotte Straker have been planning how to keep residents and staff safe should there be an outbreak of Covid-19.  We therefore have made use of four adjacent rooms on the ground floor of the east wing, which are separate from the rest of the building, to form an Isolation Unit. The Isolation Unit is operating to protect residents and staff enabling the life of residents in the rest of the house to carry on as normally as possible. The Unit also provides reassurance for those who need to be admitted for longer term care.

Help us raise £70,000*

Registered Manager Marilyn Hunter, Registered Nurse Ian Duthie and Chair of the Trustees Berenice Groves post in front of our new campaign thermometer.

The purpose of this Appeal is to fund the Isolation Unit within Charlotte Straker House which has been set up in order to quarantine any resident with suspected infection.

We use the Isolation Unit if a resident is unwell or returns from a hospital stay or for any newly admitted resident. Run using our dedicated and trained staff, using infection control best practice, it will help us to protect residents and staff.  There is a need in our local community for residential and nursing care, but people have been reluctant to be admitted to our home due to the risk of Covid-19 infection.  The Isolation Unit provides strong reassurance for relatives that the safety of residents is our foremost concern.

*£70,000 will fund the cost to the charity to date and until the end of September.
*Each subsequent month will cost an additional £10,200

You can make a donation to the appeal at any time by visiting

You can make a donation to the appeal at any time:

We need your support to keep our most vulnerable residents safe.  All donations – large or small – are most welcome. You can make a donation to the appeal at any time by clicking

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Cheques may be made payable to The Charlotte Straker Project and sent to the address below with a note indicating it is for the Isolation Unit Appeal

Making a bank transfer:

Lloyds Bank sort Code 77-20-12
Account No: 26235468
Ref: Isolation Unit Appeal

Please Gift aid your donation if you can.

Thank you for your generosity.

Our New Exercise Challenge

The “Team Charlotte Straker” Round Britain Exercise Challenge has been launched, with a number of staff, trustees and volunteers undertaking as many exercise miles as possible to raise money for the Charlotte Straker Covid Pandemic Isolation Unit Appeal.

Each week our team will cycle, walk, run and golf with the aim of adding enough exercise miles to go round the entire coast of England, Scotland, Wales and also the whole of Northern Ireland. Some of our care staff at Charlotte Straker House will also be adding the number of steps they do working when on shift.

Our Chair of the Trustees, Berenice Groves commented, “Our intrepid team are hoping to travel 6,155 miles – the equivalent to the distance around the coast of the UK. I am blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm and dedication to raising money for our Isolation Unit Appeal – which needs £70,000 to ensure it remains operational during the Covid pandemic. We will be giving updates from the team, to let everyone know how far they’ve managed to travel. Thank you to everyone who has generously given so far, and we are hoping that this new challenge will inspire more donations, to allow us to keep our Unit open.”

You can donate via

For the latest report on our Exercise Challenge please visit

The photos below show Ethan “virtually” handing over the baton, plus some of our Trustees and supporters during their exercise challenges!