Care for the elderly in Northumberland.

Key Milestones

1918 – Joseph Straker, in an act of great benevolence, bequeathed Prior House in memory of his late wife Charlotte Maria Straker to the local area and people to use as a hospital along with £5,000 investment to run it. The new Charlotte Straker Cottage Hospital was overseen by a board of local trustees

1948 – The Charlotte Straker Cottage Hospital was absorbed in to the NHS. Initially run as a small hospital undertaking minor operations and the treatment of acute illness, but from 1970’s onward increasingly specialised in care of the elderly.

1989 – The hospital was closed to fund the new Wansbeck Hospital.

1989 – Charlotte Straker Steering Group was formed by Dr Graham Grant, a Corbridge resident and Parish Councillor.

1989-92 – Saw the refurbishment of the old house and the addition of the West wing. This contained nursing beds on the ground floor and 4 flats on the first floor. Building of 8 bungalows on Cookson Close. Grant from the Housing Corporation along with large fundraising effort.

1992 September – Charlotte Straker Project Trust formed and Charlotte Straker House opened its doors to residents with Dr Grant as the Trust’s first Chairman.

2001 – Millennium upgrade of rooms and facilities after 10 years operation.

2005-09 Two flats on the first floor each converted to two rooms for residential care.

2011 – Summer House and decking constructed.

2012 – Electronic care records,  Nurses station, garden improvement  and new roof.  December – Planning approval granted for extensive refurbishments of West wing and  main house.

2013 – Extensive refurbishments of West wing with en-suiting of 7 remaining nursing rooms plus small extensions to south and west aspects; conversion of NW corner flat on the 1st floor to two rooms; commissioning of the Waitrose bathroom, new treatment room, overhead tracking in all rooms.

2014 – New gas boilers for the house.

2014 October – The NHS GP beds which had run from 1994 were removed by the NHS in October 2014

2015 January – the NHS Palliative Care Unit was shut down as a cost cutting exercise by the NHS.

2015 January – New windows for the main house and east aspect of the nursing wing.

2015 June – Major garden improvements and landscaping to eastern aspect of garden by the pear tree.

2015 December – new cooker.

2016 January – refurbishment of dining room.

2016 August – launch of the Community Respite Care Bed appeal to raise £120,000 for a three year pilot project, to provide one free respite care bed for the community.

2018 – conversion of last flat into two state of the art residential rooms, with en-suite bathrooms and full tracking throughout.