Care for the elderly in Northumberland.

Person Centred Care

The philosophy of Charlotte Straker is “care according to need” which emphasises our thinking and our approach. It is a home for the elderly and frail who are no longer able or do not wish to live alone, due to physical disability.

We exist only to provide the type and standard of care we offer and residents are from a mixed background of private and social service funding.

Our main aim at Charlotte Straker is to provide person-centred care or treatment, based on an assessment of individual needs and which reflects personal preferences.

We work in partnership with the person and their family/carers and/or advocates where appropriate.  

Electronic care plans are established as soon as possible when a resident arrives at Charlotte Straker enabling a consistent team approach in providing and monitoring to ensure the highest standards of care and treatment for our residents.

Making Charlotte Straker a “home from home”

We strive to meet a number of other objectives in making Charlotte Straker a “home from home”

  • To provide a high standard of residential and nursing care whilst maintaining the individual’s privacy, dignity and self esteem
  • To foster independence by allowing residents to look after their own affairs, until as such time as they need assistance. Staff are trained to only become involved when it is essential
  • To foster resident choice and control over their day-to-day living with the freedom to decide how far they wish to participate in the life of the home
  • To encourage continued relationships with relatives and the development of new friendships in the home and local community
  • To promote the expression of beliefs by enabling attendance at places of worship and displaying posters of all parties in local and national elections
  • To provide a pleasant, safe and secure environment that maximises residents comfort and minimises any anxiety that can sometimes arise from living alone
  • To provide the most up to date standards of care using the latest equipment. In some rooms we therefore provide hoist tracking, profiling beds and pressure relieving mattresses for those residents who need additional care
  • To ensure the right of each resident to privacy. Staff will use their name of choice and knock before entering their room.